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Christan Herrig

CEO/ Founder Nurture you Living. Wife-Mother-Christian

Christan HerrigOur featured duchess is Christan Herrig. Christan is a stay at home mom who has found joy in her online business, Nurture You Living. Christan competed with the WBFF and placed third in the October 2016 Los Angeles show. I was drawn to her essence and light-heartedness. She has a holistic approach to health and wellness and this translates into her role as mother to her two daughters; enforcing her beliefs about food into her home life and practicing what she preaches.

DF: what is your profession?
CH: I am a stay at home mom running a side business as a Holistic Nutrition Coach and blogger.

DF: Describe what holistic nutrition is.
CH: We look at all areas of your life as attaining wellness as career; physical activity, spirituality, and relationships to treat the “whole person.” I believe it is all relative and one component affects the next.

DF: What was your vision for your company and how did it come about? What inspired you to offer this service?
CH: Nurture You began as me listening to my calling. Becoming a mother inspired me to be more giving and self-aware. I was always so excited talking to people about nutri-tion and wanted to learn everything. I decided to go to the Institute for Integrative Nutri-tion based out of New York. It was a year long program. I wanted to learn the alterna-tives: ayurveda, macrobiotics. We studied over 100 different dietary theories! I wanted to help people find what works for them, to figure out why we crave certain foods. I wanted to create nutrition programs integrating certain foods and vegetables that are seasonal. This correlates with eating organic and whole, natural foods. I knew wanted to work with women and I wanted to create an education service and coaching program in South Orange County where I live, to teach them about food. I use a lot of dialogue in my training to make it more realistic and for my groups to be able to relate to each other.

DF: Where did you grow up and what did you want to do with your life as a young girl? Where do you currently reside?
CH: I am a California native and grew up in Claremont. I thought I would be a corporate lead and would end up in sales. I tried that and realized I hated it. I currently live in South Orange County. I met my husband at the gym in downtown Los Angeles. I was working for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation as a fundraiser and walk coor-dinator. He was working in commercial construction as a project manager. We met and married within a year. We are both Christian and raise our family Christian.

DF: How did you get into health and wellness?
CH: I have always been passionate about health and fitness. It stems from being an athlete and playing tennis as a child. In college, I went to University of LaVerne for psychology. While there, I took playing tennis more professionally and realized that how you fuel your body directly correlates to your performance, so I became more educated about food. I also struggled with an eating disorder in my 20s. Through health and wellness, healing and prayer, I was able to get healthy again and knew that I could help other women like myself too get healthy again and have a positive attitude towards food.

DF: What were your pregnancies and deliveries like? Did you work out? What was your diet like?
I took a 10 week natural child birthing class in Pasadena. It was led by a midwife who demystified everything. She empowered us to make the best decision and be our own advocate. For my first delivery, I did most of my labor at home. Starting at 5 am I felt contractions coming, very light pre labor. I went about my day and kept myself busy until about 5:30 pm, when I was in active labor, gripping the table and praying. I finally went to the hospital at 3:30 am and I was 9 cm dilated. I delivered my daughter within 45 minutes. My second delivery was half the amount of time (4 hours) and I opted for no epidural once again.

I worked out for both pregnancies and lifted until it was no longer comfortable for me. I went hiking quite a bit. I made sure I consistently ate at least 100 g protein a day. I ate all organic non-gmo, whole foods. For supplementation, I took 1500 mg of calcium and magnesium a day. I had no real cravings and ate my usual diet, but more of it. My go-to craving was plain yogurt (active probiotic and cultures) with honey.

DF: What advice do you give “todays mom” about how we as mothers, can transcend with the progressive world we now occupy? With all of the hype and chaos around healthy living, is it sustainable and realistic and if so- where do we draw the line? (find balance and flexibility in sustainable health)
CH: Living in California it gives us the upper hand. We have accessible juice bars at every corner and healthy food options eating out. My kids eat what I eat. I try and eat all organic, especially meat and poultry. I love whole foods, free-range, organic, non-gmo. Especially with beef (free range)and wild caught fish. My kids have a diverse diet. they will eat lamb burgers, salmon, whatever we eat.

DF: What is your mantra that you live by?
CH: I believe in living authentically and having self-awareness. I believe in being kind

DF: Who inspires you? What leaders or mentors do you follow?
CH: Authors that I love are: Tim Ferris, Gary Vaynerchuck, Marianne Williamson, all books by Seth Godin, Simon Sinek. My favorite books are, It Starts With Why by Simon Sinek. That book has profoundly had a major impact on how I live my life and my ap-proach to my business, and The Alchemist, by Paulo Coelho. My favorite blogger/ pod-casters are Tim Ferris, Chris Kesser, Dr. Mercola and Nisha Moodley.

DF: How can our readers get a hold of you?
IG @nurtureyouliving