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Jackie Tooley

Jackie Tooley

I am a proud mother to three small kids ages 4,6 and 8. This February my husband and I opened our first fitness club called Olympix in Long Beach, CA. We joke it’s our fourth baby as this has been a long-time dream of ours come true.

Fitness has always been important to me. I grew up playing all sports but felt a huge passion in volleyball. I was a collegiate athlete and now through my adult life have continued my fitness passion alongside my husband. I especially love setting a great example for my children who see me living a fit, active and healthy lifestyle. As we say, when you live well, you love well. We all have so much love to give.

Angela and I connected while working out at Olympix and little did I know after a long conversation about competing, I would be hitting the stage 8 weeks later. Her training and nutrition programs were on point and helped my physique sustain muscle mass but lose 14 lbs and 5.5% body fat. I can’t thank her enough for helping me reach a long time goal of mine! With her expert coaching and knowledge I placed 3rd and revived my PRO card in my very first WBFF competition at the age of 34!

Angela is amazing and that’s a subtle compliment. This girl is not only lovely and knowledgeable about what she does; she lives and breathes it. How she helps people hit their fitness goals is exceptional, but better still the way she makes you feel as you hit your milestones is phenomenal. I’m a very happy client — anyone looking for an amazing coach who knows how to transform a body and achieve huge goals, Angela is your gal!

Jackie Tooley
Mother of 3
Gym Owner
WBFF Pro Fitness Model

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