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Janice Vargas

Janice Vargas

I don’t even know where to begin to describe how much Angela has helped me finally reach a place in my life where I am completely content with myself as a whole person. I struggled with disordered eating, weight fluctuations, and consis-tently working out for quite a few years before I really decided to commit to my fitness. I dreamt of someday being “thin” again like my high school days, and no matter how hard I tried to reach that look, it just was not happening. Angela in-spired me to really get into fitness not for thinness, but for strength, power, and health.

Janice BeforeJanice After

I took the plunge and decided to do a bikini competition after seeing her amazingly strong physique after participating in three shows and thought, “I want to do that!”. I was new to the fitness competition world, Angela gently took me by the hand and gave me the guidance I needed to be successful and confident on that stage for the first time. Her flexibility made it is easy for me to fit the training and diet into my very busy lifestyle and I finally saw real results. I exceeded my own body goals under her contest prep coaching, and she continues to inspire me to set the bar even higher and reach my full potential. I can’t thank Angela enough for being a dear friend and wonderful coach.

janice Vargas
MFT Counselor
WBFF Diva Bikini competitor

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