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Melissa Marshall

Melissa Marshall

I had the pleasure of meeting Angela at a gym she was working for teaching group classes. I was instantly drawn to her and felt she was a person that was easy to connect with. Over time, taking her classes and getting to know her, I found out I was right. She is not only easy to connect with, but she is very knowledgeable in the world of fitness. Not just training, but nutritional counseling as well.

Melissa Marshall testimonialI learned that Angela had put her knowledge into play and trained herself to compete in several fitness competitions. That impressed me very much. So, I decided to dig more into this, as this had been a curiosity of mine for myself. An-gela was more than supportive of my curiosity and gave me enough knowledge and insight to make me excited and motivated to give it a try.

She put me on a 10 week prep to compete in my first competition. I am so amazed at the outcome; not only about the show itself, and competing with the WBFF, but mostly about the transformation my body has achieved by working with Angela. I was fortunate to be in fairly good shape when I started training. But what my body was able to achieve with Angela’s coaching is amazing! She guided me with the workouts to improve my body where it needed it, and gave me my own nutrition plan to follow. It was like she knew my body from the inside and what would work for me! The plan she provided was on point for me! I have achieved great success following her guidance and for this, I am grateful.

Her motivation picked me up when I wasn’t quite in the mood to work or to stay on track with my nutrition. Her accessibility was and is amazing. You don’t know how important this can be when you feel frustrated at where you are in that moment. Angela is a well-rounded trainer and coach. Having her guide me through this journey was life changing. Not only is she my coach, she is also my friend.

Melissa Marshall
Age 53
Duchess Fitness10 week Stage Prep
WBFF Diva Fitness Model Competitor

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